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This is my Paradise

Meet these two lovely goddesses on the left is the young Feena and on the right is the wise Lair. These Two are the controllers of the magic that is endowed upon the land of Ys

Greetings fair traveler, you are now located at the Central Plaza
this is where you can go and visit the other locations in this kingdom please make yourself at home while you are here. Be sure to visit all the local places to get the full experience while you are here.
The hero of Ys and friends Guestbook of Ys The Priests of Ys
The hero of Ys and friends Go to the guestbook of Ys
About the land of Ys Links to other pages
About the land of Ys Check the surrounding areas See the ruling priests
Music from Ys downloads bullitin board
Music from Ys Downloads Bullitin Board