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the surrounding areas

these are links to some of the other lands around here, a few are in Japanese

Rising sun entertainment

be sure to see their Ys book I & II Review


Ara's Ys page, one of the best Ys pages on the net

Kuno Christoffel's Palace of Solomon, a page with some of the more unique downloads for the Ys fan

this is Falcom's homepage, the creators of the land of Ys

Anime OAV Petition, please sign their petition to release an English Ys movie

A neat little Ys page that you take a journey in, This is a must try

visit the greatest Emulation site ever created, Zophar's Domain

Visit the Ancient Library of Ys!

Ys from the top

Wanderer from Ys, a personel web page about my favorite game, Ys

Ys Collected works on www, Japanese

Ys Eternal, Japanese

The chamber of doors, a great place if you love dragons

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