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Ys is a Land of magic, although the power of that magic was controlled by the two goddesses, and Ys was ruled by the six Preists. Ys was a very prosperous land that existed for quite some time. All evils that ever threatened Ys we're always thwarted by a champion. So on to the description of Ys to learn about it. BEWARNED THIS PLOT GIVEAWAY IS ABOUT AS GOOD AS A WALKTHROUGH SO DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME OR LIKE SPOILERS.

The land of Ys was created back in the 80's by the Japanese wonder company Falcom, the release to the pc-engine outdid all other games avaible at the time, the music from the game I still Like to listen to of off the game CD's. I have only played the first three installments of the game so the desripction I give will relate only to my knowledge of these

The game starts out with Adol, our hero, arriving at a small village named Minea where he runs into the local fortune teller Sara who tells him of his destiny to find six books written by the ancient priests of Ys, Adol's first assignment is to travel to the Palace shrine to get the first book. Adol first heads to Zeptic village where he searches for help. Mayor Zeptic tells him of the silver bell that he thinks the theives have taken. After Hearing from the Mayor Adol then travels to see Jeva whom reconizes Sara's crystal and gives you a key to enter the Palace Shrine. After Leaving town Adol confronts the theives that stole the silver bell, he finds thsat they haven't taken the bell and know nothing of it's whereabouts. Bewildered, Adol heads to the shrine in search of the six books from the high priests. In the palace shrine, Adol first tastes the power of the evil that is attacking Ys when he encounters the first boss of the game protecting the entrance to the shrine. Adol travels through the shrine and finds a young girl named Feena that has been locked up in the shrine. Feena doesn't remember why she was taken there and imprisioned, after she escapes she goes to Jeva's house. After searching through the shrine Adol comes by the silver bell from Zeptic village which Adol returns to the Mayor and recieves a reward for it. Adol then continues his journey through the shrine, until he meets the boss of the shrine. After defeating the boss, Adol finds the first book of Ys that he was sent to find. Once Adol arrives in Minea town again he goes to Sara's shop and finds that she is gone, but he also finds a note left to him. The note informes adol that she had left something important with the poet Lair that is in town and that another book of Ys is in the Mines. When Adol attempts to get the object from Lair, Lair tells Adol that she has lost her silver harmonica and that she wants Adol to find it. Adol then travels to the mines to retrieve this Book of Ys. The mines prove to be a near endless maze of tunnels which Adol must travel through, after some time Adol finds Lair's harmonica and returns it and he recieves the object Sara left with her. After much trouble Adol finds and defeats the Boss that is protecting the second book. Once Adol returns he is informed by Jeva that the remaining books Adol has to recover must be locked up in Darm tower. Adol then agrees to go into the tower knowing well that the door to the tower is a one way door to keep the monsters in the tower. Upon entering Darm tower Adol finds himself locked in, but Adol knows that as long as he vanquishes the evil in the tower it will be worth it. Adol first travels through the Tower then runs into a trap and is put into Prison with all the silver armor he has collected missing. Adol is broken out of jail by a friend. While Adol continues his journey he learns of a girl that has confined in the annex that hangs off of the tower. When Adol rescues this girl he finds out that is really Lair. Lair tells Adol that she purposly let herself get cuaght to find him and gives Adol special glasses so that he can read the books of Ys and tells him about Dark Fact and his only weakness being the power of the silver equipment. After that, Adol trudges foward in search of the remaining books after defeating many bosses and overcoming severe obstacles Adol finds himself at the top of Darm Tower face to face with Dark Fact, the main boss of YsI, Adol uses the power of the silver equipment to defeat Dark Fact and finds the final volume of the books of Ys in Dark Facts cloak. With all six books Adol is then mystically transported to the levetating land that is Ys.

In Ys adol has to fight a new breed of Evil, Darm and his lackey the Wizard Dallas. Through thick and thin adol travels through a broad land that incompasses everything from the bottom of the mines to solomen shrine, and from the inside of a mountain to icy top of one. after Overcoming many obstacles yet again Adol discovers the secrets of Ys the reason why it vanished and about the two Goddesses

Since I gave the plot to YsI away I think I'll leave it up to YOU to play and reveal the plot of YsII

YsIII is the odd man in the series. In this side scroller game Adol travels with his friend Dogi to his native area, which is under the influence of the evil Demonicus. Adol has to defeat many enemies in this game and work his way to Demonicuses isle. Adol first task is the mines that were overrun with Evil. after fighting his way through their he starts to understand the grasp of the mission he's taken on. But hey, I'm not going to give this plot away either.

You are now slightly more knowledgable about the land of Ys. if you wish to learn more please check the surrounding areas. I have managed to find a few that were remarkable.

NOW! go forth young Adol and rescue the lands of Ys and Kenia from evil.

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