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Come and pull up a seat and listen to the songs that come from Ys

Mp3 music from Ys books I&II
Visit the I-drive "Cryonosis"
!!temporarily down!!
Name Size Description 1,765K Intro to Ys I&II 2,035K A Still Time
Beatof 1,902K Beat of Terror 2,171K Caverns of Rasteenie 2,769K Companile Lane 2,233K Don't Go So Smoothly! 1,523K Final Battle 1,917K First Step Towards War 1,552K Holders of Power 2,028K Ice Ridge Noltia 2,199K The Last Moment of The Dark 1,811K To make the end of battle 1,842K Moat of Burnedblessed 2,214K The Nobel District of Toal 1,895K Palace 1,960K Palace of Destruction 1,832K Palace of Solomon 1,970K Ruins of Moondria 3,002K See you again 2,575K Stay with me forever 2,800K Subterrainian Canal 4,678K Termination 1,730K Tower of the Shdow of Death

Mp3 music from Ys III
Visit the I-drive "Cryonosis"
Name Size Description 1,785K Introduction music to YsIII 1,678K Music during the Prologue to YsIII 1,763K Track #6 1,907K Track #7 2,778K Track #8 4,645K Track #9 2,775K Track #10 2,655K Track #11 2,728K Track #12 4,497K Track #13 219K Track #14 2,585K Track #15 2,818K Track #16 2,605K Track #17 2,735K Track #18 1,275K Track #19 4,624K Track #20 3,446K Track #24

Midi music from Ys
Name Size Description
adol.mid 27K Introduction song to Ys books I&II
altered.mid 10K Altered Ambiances
altered.mid 10K Altered Ambiances
feena.mid 23K Feena's Song
canal.mid 58K Subterranean Canal
sc.mid 67K another Subterranean Canal
morning.mid 50K The Morning Grow
mf.mid 74K in the memory
mg.mid 14K another The Morning Grow
endless.mid 30K Endless History (Ys Morning Grow)
termination.mid 95K Termination
fountain.mid 22K Fountain of Love
destruct.mid 42K Palace of Destruction
pod.mid 76K another Palace of Destruction
make_end.mid 36K To Make the end of Battle
battle.mid 49K another To Make the end of Battle
noltia.mid 30K Ice Ridge Noltia
sophia04.mid 26K Ice Ridges of Noltia Super Arranged
opnyrhrt.mid 13K Open Your Heart
palace-x.mid 47K Palace
palace.mid 19K another Palace
palace_sav.mid 59K Super Arranged Version of Palace
rasteenie.mid 23K Cavern of Rasteenie
col.mid 52K Companile of Lane
gale.mid 56K Fields of Gale
mroad.mid 99K Don't know the name
sophia02.mid 59K Don't know the name
lester.mid 3K I Think it's Lester
odys4_1.mid 41K Don't know the name
odys4_2.mid 33K Don't know the name
odys4_3.mid 39K Don't know the name
odys4_4.mid 43K Don't know the name
dawnys.mid 28K Don't know the name
field.mid 31K Don't know the name
canal_sav.mid 17K Don't know the name

As you may have noticed I don't seem to know the names of all the songs here, if you might know a couple or if I have typeod or misnamed one please let me know, you can click the e-mail link in the top bar to email me this info, Thanks. Special thanks to DurRudi for Names of some of the songs.