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Thanks for coming here this is where I put the update info and can hopefully can ask for some input on improving the web page, we all know this page needs improvement.

8/8/00, Decided to check out the Falcom homepage and ran across some new background images, 5 new images have been added to the download page. As always the images are 1024x768 which allows for easy resizing to your desktop size with minimal loss of quality.

8/5/00, Did some snooping and came across a new petition site, I urge everyone to go to this site and sign the petition, the more signitures we put on that site the closer we get to Ys being released outside of Japan. Head over to the links page and click the link to the petition. Your support is needed.

8/3/00, Here's the present - I have rerecorded the entire Ys I, II, and III soundtrack!!!; they all sound 100 times better than previously. They are stored on i-drive, so head over to my music page for the link and download them now, you won't be disappointed.

8/1/00, This isn't the present, but it was in major need of doing, I cleaned up all the stuff on the splash page that I no longer needed, if you've been here before I'm sure you noticed how much faster the page loaded.

7/28/00, It's been awhile, but I've decided to fix some stuff that *really* needed fixing special thanks to Kieth for telling me about the problems. Stay tuned I have a special present for all of you *wink wink*.

3/29/00, Okay, I know it's been a while but I have a surprise to make up for the time, I have finally gotten some of the music up and ready for download, it's only YsI&II music but it is a good start, they are being stored on driveway so you can download them at or goto my music page and follow the link there, as I get more space on there server I can finally upload YsIII music.

1/21/00, Added some sites to my Links page. One page of note, I ran across a site that has a petition to release an English Ys anime movie, I urge all fans of Ys to sign this petition then go and buy a copy if one is made, this site can be found at

1/19/00, Decided to get around to dressing up the guestbook, the colors are now more towards the scheme I use around the rest of the page. Tell me what you think of think it by e-mail then leave a nice comment in the guestbook for everyone else to read ;).

1/12/00, After a few months of taking a break from the web to tend to my schooling I came back to find out xoom stopped working and all my mp3's and secondary mirror page are now temporarily down. I hope to remedy this problem soon as I now learned the lesson that nothing ever takes care of itself.

9/16/99, Finally got around to doing some cosmetic work, shrank most of the pictures in size so they load faster and set the sword and fire and the bottom of all the pages as an inline frame so it loads faster after the first time, hopefully not too many people were scared off by the one day of inability to access the 8m site, thanks for you patience.

8/21/99, Once again my lovely little computer crashed and this time there was no saving it so after getting another computer and slowly bringing it up to speed over much time I now once again am able to work on the web page instead of just reading the wonderful comments sent to me via e-mail at a friends house. Now, there were two files in the mpeg3 gallery that were bad and I have replaced them and they should now work correctly, thank you for your patience.

6/23/99, Well it's been a little while, I was out for a week and while I was gone I recieved some e-mail about not being able to download certain files, Sometimes certain servers are unwilling to let people download, so I have put a mirror menu up in the bar so you can try downloading off of another mirror site, if that doesn't work send me an e-mail and tell me what files are troublesome.

5/11/99, I have just finished copying all the sound tracks of the original Ys books I&II along with Ys III, now you too can experience the music of this wonderful game they are all Zipped .mp3 formated songs and you can get them in the music page.

5/6/99, Okay this really wasn't here on this day but it was the intended day for this to be anounced that I am moving the mirror site to this site is a little more flexible with the programming.

4/13/99, I have recently put up a mirror page at, the mirror site is a little slower and doesn't allow frames, I put it up so I can mess around with my page while at school, thankfully angelfire is one of the few sites not blocked out.

4/2/99, I have a favor to ask to all Ys fans and those wanting to be, please follow this link to a place is trying to get different Ys games to be translated and released to America and PLEASE! sign you can also find the link in the links page, thank you.

3/23/99, Well, my world has gone more than a month unchanged thanks to my computer's untimely crash, But I am back up and hopefully in the next couple of days I will get around to adding on to the Kingdom again, I am sorry to have left all of you people for so long, but now I have returned and I hope this time it will be for good or at least for a good long time.

2/10/99, Put three more Mpegs from the origonal TurboDuo game Ys books I&II into the music section: To make the end of battle, See you again, and Stay with me forever. Great songs to listen to.

2/05/99, Put up Background Graphics from Falcom's page, Great pictures for the desktop. You can grab them from the download area, even though they aren't compressed for your viewing pleasure. :)

2/03/99, Put up an Mpeg of the song played in the intro to the original TurboDuo game Ys books I&II in the music section. Pretty neat song, a must download for Ys music lovers.

1/26/99, Added the Books of Ys, to read each volume go to the Priests section and click on the preist to read his/her volume from the books of Ys.

1/24/99, I have just put YsI, YsII, and YsIII for the MSX emulator on the downloads area, now you too can experiance Ys, although the MSX version is nowhere near as good as the Turbo Graphx version it is still fun to play

1/18/99, There are some things I have been looking at, and the one on the top of my list is I would like to add a fanfict area, although I am going to need some stories to add. If you or anyone you know likes to write stories, you could send me some about the marvelous land of Ys, if I get enough I will post an area for them, the only thing is, THEY MUST BE CLEAN!, as in PG-13 at worst. Please send the stories to

1/10/99, I am looking for suggestions on improving not only the web page but the traffic that comes through if any of you have any suggestions please tell, or if you want to link to my page feel free to, I am also taking link exchanges
I have the big banner and the small button to use to link to my page, both are neat but whichever one works for you would is fine by me, just be kind and tell me your linking to my page. Thanks

1/1/99, First day I decided to put this page up on Tripod for the world to see. I am continually updating this page so don't be surprised if things change on you. Be sure to visit frequently and check this area to see the updates I put on here. Please come on in and enjoy.

Thank you for your at least reading this I hope that you will will leave a suggestion and get a couple freinds to come and vistit

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