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This is where you can e-mail the resident of Ys known as Cryonosis. He would enjoy reading any mail that positivly reflects upon the utopia known as Ys

I go by the handle Cryonosis. Not quite sure where I came up with such a name but I like it and live with it. I am not a very avid RPG player but when I ran across Ys I started playing that game a lot. I have only played the first three games in the series, thankfully enough they were the ones released to the Turbo-Grafx, or PC-Engine whichever works for you. I hope to play the other games released in the series, yet Falcom doesn't seem to thrilled with releasing their games to the U.S. I hope they release the new Ys Eternal to U.S. hopefully one day they will.

I decided to create this world becuase I have found so few places that related to one of my favorite games. I have managed to find some and I have included them in the links section of my page, and the number of english pages is noticeably slim. Hopefully Falcom will release some more Ys games to the U.S. and get more fans. Then maybe my links page will get bigger. Well hopefully this page will help you on whatever quest you may be on and since your here I'm sure you'd like to leave some coments in my e-mail box, just be sure to sign the guest book, I would like to see that get to a healthy size. Farewell and good luck to you on your journey through life life.

icq# 11592683, Cryonosis

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